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Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

Regardless of what you promote, or how much excitement and enthusiasm you have about it, the reality is that getting traffic, customers, and cash flow are ESSENTIAL to your short-term and your long-term online success.

The problem for many online marketers is that getting consistent traffic, customers, and cash flow is a constant process of trial-and-error.  The result is frustration and zero business growth, because nothing you try seems to work quite the way that the “guru” videos, training courses, and coaching programs lead you to believe. 

The good news?…It doesn’t have to be that way.

Starting today, you can stop the constant trial-and-error, end the frustration that comes from a lack of consistent traffic, customers, and cash flow, and finally begin to see your online business grow and thrive.

What’s more…you can begin to reverse the cycle of poor online results in the next 15 minutes using your mobile device, or your desktop/laptop computer, an Internet connection, and a breakthrough software program that delivers results like nothing you’ve seen before.  

Introducing Mobile Traffic App 2.0


Mobile Traffic App 2.0 is the first mobile app of its kind.  Designed by Wayne Brooks and Ced Reynolds, Founders of the Instant Internet Sales Machine, Mobile Traffic App 2.0 automatically PROMOTES YOUR OFFERS across the Internet and the Mobile Web using targeted advertising, guaranteed traffic sources, and the exclusive Virtual Traffic Exchange Network.

Mobile Traffic App 2.0 equips YOU to benefit from “Done-For-You, Set It and Forget It” online marketing campaigns for YOUR OFFERS, activated through your mobile device or your desktop/laptop computer!

Glad you asked!  The Mobile Traffic App 2.0 software works by exploiting the power of viral advertising using specialized advertising and traffic generation strategies, and insider mobile and Internet marketing tools and techniques to continuously put YOUR offers in front of buyers 24/7/365, whether you’re at home or on the go!

When you access the Mobile Traffic App 2.0 download area, you will download the App’s icon to your Smartphone or mobile device.  You will then add your offer to the Mobile Traffic App 2.0 software as a 125 x 125 banner ad (see Figure 1 below).   

Figure 1.  Your Offer Inside the Mobile Traffic App 2.0 Software 

 As soon as your ad is placed and approved, the Mobile Traffic App 2.0 software goes to work exposing your offer across the Internet and Mobile Web via Classified Ad sites, Traffic Exchanges, Web sites, Blog sites, and Social Media channels.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Your approved banner ad is instantly placed inside the Virtual Traffic Exchange Network Virtual Ad Portal.   This portal immediately presents your offer all over the Web in a continuous rotation with other Mobile Traffic App 2.0 advertisers and affiliates (see Figure 2 below for an Ad Portal Demo).

                   Figure 3.  Select the image above to see a LIVE DEMO of the Virtual Ad Portal

In addition, your offers appear on two exclusive Mobile Advertising Networks.  Specifically, the Mobile Banner Ad Network and the Mobile Banner Ad Exchange (see Figure 3). Cross-promotion across on these networks provide even greater exposure for your offers on the Internet and on the Mobile Web.  

Figure 3.  App Ad Placement Cross-Promotes Your Offers on Two Mobile Banner Ad Exchanges 

With your offer in live rotation across the Internet, inside the App itself, inside the Mobile Traffic App 2.0 Members Area, and on the Mobile Traffic App Ad Network, your offer’s primary sales page, which is linked to your ad listing, will start to receive immediate, additional targeted exposure and promotion, as we send a minimum of 2000 guaranteed visitors direct to your offer’s sales page each month, based on the Mobile Traffic App User license that you select.

By the way, while not required, we would strongly recommend that the offer page that you link to your ad is mobile-optimized like the one shown in Figure 4 below.  

Figure 4.  Your Mobile-optimized Offer/Landing Page Enhances the Viewing Experience for Your Mobile Buyer

Mobile Traffic App 2.0 is like having the marketing and promotion power of multiple online advertising channels right in the palm of your hand with NO REQUIREMENT TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN MAINTAIN YOUR USER LICENSE!

Now that you know how Mobile Traffic App 2.0 helps to promote and expose your offers, I’m sure you’re probably wondering…

If you’d like to profit from Mobile Traffic App 2.0, instead of just enjoying its benefits as a short-term Basic user, then this is where the fun starts. As a Pro or Premium Mobile Traffic App 2.0 user, you instantly qualify to generate cash flow with the App in two ways.  First, you can receive referral commissions through participation in our Users Only Mobile Traffic App 2.0 Affiliate Program.  Earnings from this program are instant and sent directly to your Paypal account, so there’s no waiting to be paid.  PLUS, there is no limit to the number of referral commissions you can earn as an affiliate, as long as you maintain an active Pro or Premium Mobile Traffic App 2.0 User license.

Second, as a Mobile Traffic App 2.0 Pro or Premium User, when you access the App download area, you will discover how to INSTANTLY lock in commissions of up to 150%, AND also receive $20 deposits over and over again with a scary simple mobile-optimized income system that’s going to blow you away.  You’ve got to experience this to believe it.  It’s literally hands-free, passive, “set it and forget it” income generation at its absolute best!


Whether you’re just entering the mobile market or you consider yourself an experienced pro, Mobile Traffic App
 2.0 will place you ahead of your competitors who continue to lose leads, sales, and profits, because they have no Mobile Web presence or mobile marketing strategy.

Start right now with a test drive of Mobile Traffic App 2.0 as an Advertiser Only by getting the Basic User License for a one-time cost of just $9.95. However, if you want to experience the full benefits of Mobile Traffic App 2.0 and add cash flow to your bottom line, take a 3 Day Test Drive of either the PRO or Premium Mobile Traffic App 2.0 license for just $9.95.  NOTE: PRO User License is $24.95 per month after the 3 day trial, and the Premium User License is $39.95 per month after the 3 day trial.

MTA2_0_Stack12_7_13Mobile Traffic App 2.0 - Basic User License Mobile Traffic App 2.0 - PRO User License  Mobile Traffic App 2.0 - Premium User License

That’s right!  Also, for a limited time, when you download and put Mobile Traffic App 2.0 to work promoting YOUR offers and producing income for you on the Internet and on the Mobile Web, we’ll send an additional 1000 guaranteed visitors your way to accelerate your efforts on the road to mobile marketing success.   That’s real, hands-free, targeted traffic direct to your offer/landing page without you lifting a finger, in addition to the exposure you receive as a licensed Mobile Traffic App 2.0 user with an active ad!

So, what are you waiting for?…Get your Mobile Traffic App 2.0 license now.

Consider this, you can be a Basic App User (Advertiser Only) OR you can grab a Pro or Premium license and be just minutes away from earning your first $20 using Mobile Traffic App 2.0, be qualified to earn referral commissions of up to 150%, and have an extra 1000 guaranteed visitors sent directly to YOUR offer page.

You instantly benefit from one of the easiest, most effective “can’t lose” ways to extend your brand and your profitability on the Mobile Web and the Internet, and all you did was access and use the App!  What’s more, is you can cancel at any time.  But why would you want to…

Mobile Traffic App 2.0 is a breakthrough in viral mobile and Internet marketing.

Just think…as the Mobile Traffic App 2.0 user population continues to grow, collective promotion by the Mobile Traffic App 2.0 affiliate community will be in full effect, producing a neverending stream of organic free traffic for the benefit of all licensed users.  This organic free traffic is in addition to what you receive with your ad as a licensed Mobile Traffic App 2.0 user.

Don’t delay, ACT NOW, get your license, then spread the word…it simply doesn’t get any better than this! 

MTA2_0_Stack12_7_13 Mobile Traffic App 2.0 - Basic User License   Mobile Traffic App 2.0 - PRO User License   Mobile Traffic App 2.0 - Premium User License

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